Neverland Universal Hydraulic Handbrake Drifting Rally Racing E-Brake Vertical Type Blue


  • Allows the Rear Tires to be Fully Locked and Makes the Vehicle Slide Sideway Direct Replacement for Stock E-Brake Handle (We are Chinese seller)
  • Assembled with Steel Bracket i.e. Ensures Less Flex and Higher Actuation to the Master Cylinder; Reinforcement Design Specialized for 3/4 Cylinder to Lock Up even Huge 2-Port Rear Brakes
  • Adjustable Pre-Load and Pin Locations; Allows Different Custom Height and Feeling for Most Personal Applications; Lever is designed for installation in either vertical or horizontal position for customized easy access in drifting
  • Ratchet Mechanism for Usages of Normal Hand Brakes, which can be Disabled during Drifting by Flipping the Brake in the Off Position
  • Sponge handle wrapped design is comfortable, durable and non-slip; No instructions included, Professional installation is highly recommended

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